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Q: Do you have the person I’m looking for in custody?

A: Mitchell County Jail does not publish a list of current inmates. You must contact the jail directly to check on a person’s custody status


Q: Can you deliver a message to an inmate?

A: We do not deliver personal messages to inmates.


Q: When is another county going to pick up an inmate?

A: Due to security reasons, we cannot give out transportation information on when an inmate is leaving or returning to our facility.


Q: Can I bring in the inmate’s medication?

A: You can bring in an inmate’s medication to the Law Enforcement Center as long as it is in the original pharmacy issued container and the medications can be visually verified.


Q: Can you tell me how much money the inmate has on their account?

A: We cannot tell you how much money an inmate has on their account for privacy reasons.


Q: Can I bring in food or clothes for the inmate?

A: We do not accept outside food or clothes for the inmate. You can place money on their Tiger account and they can order clothing/food/hygiene items off of commissary. If an inmate is to be transported to or from a treatment program, jail staff will not accept and will not transport more than one medium size luggage bag (9in X 14in X 22in) containing hygiene articles, money, and clothing only. Any additional items (Food, Snacks, Soda, Water, Tobacco, Etc.) will be removed from the luggage bag and destroyed.


Q: How do I get a vehicle out of impound?

A: If the vehicle of an individual/inmate was impounded (taken to a storage lot) you must contact the arresting agency (Beloit PD or Mitchell County Sheriff's Office) for information as to where the vehicle is located, if the vehicle can be released, and what fees need to paid before the vehicle can be released.


Q: Can the inmate release personal property from their inventory?

A: The inmate can release his/her property to anyone they choose. The inmate must fill out a Release of Property form for the item(s) to be released and to whom they are to be released to. The property will only be released to the person authorized to us by the inmate and you must be able to show proper identification in order to retrieve the items. For items held as evidence, you will have to contact the arresting agency (Beloit Police Department or the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office) to inquire if the item(s) can be released.


Q: How do I restrict an inmate/resident from contacting me at home/work?

A: If you are receiving calls from an inmate and you wish to have the inmate restricted from calling you, you will need to contact the MCSO Jail at 785.738.3523.



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