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Inmate Accounts

The Mitchell County Jail uses a web based program called Tiger to track inmate accounts. Funds can be added to an inmate’s account in the following ways.


      Cash: Is only accepted from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM by bringing the money to the Mitchell County Law Enforcement Center. Money is not accepted during weekend visitation.

       Money Order/Certified Check/Travelers Check: (No Personal Checks) These types of payments will be accepted by bringing the Money Order/Check to the Mitchell County Jail or through the mail by sending it to;

Inmates Name 

Mitchell County Jail 

PO Box 338,

Beloit, KS 67420 

 Make the Money Order/Certified/Travelers Check payable to the inmate. The inmate will endorse the money order/check and the funds will be added to their Tiger account.

      Web Deposit: Following the website link below to Tiger Commissary you can add funds to an inmate’s account by the use of a VISA, Mastercard or Discover. At the Tiger Commissary Home Page please follow the instructions at the link below for Web Deposits:

Web Deposit Instructions Link: Click Here


       Commissary: If an inmate has funds available they can order Commissary Items on Monday night and should receive their ordered items the following Thursday. Various Personal Hygiene, Candy/Snack Foods, Beverages, Clothing, Medical, Stationery and Miscellaneous items can be ordered by the inmate. Inmates must keep a minimum positive balance of $5.00 for incidentals and those funds cannot be used for Commissary orders. Indigent Inmates are not allowed to order Commissary and basic needs will be supplied by the MCSO Jail. Inmates who are serving time for a short- term Probation Violation are not eligible to order commissary.

       Online Commissary: Tiger Commissary offers the option to place commissary orders for inmates on their web site. Online orders should be received on the same day as regular facility commissary orders. Online Commissary is limited to various personal hygiene, clothing, stationery and medical items only. Candy/Snack Foods and Beverages are NOT available through the online service.

Tiger Commissary Link: Click Here

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